How to avoid bad breath

Don’t think that living a life of mouthwash four times a day is always going to cure your bad breath if food remains on your teeth. Because you don’t brush and you don’t floss that food just sits in your mouth and is degraded by bacteria and you can just imagine the odor that. That gives off be sure that when you brush you brush your teeth at night a lot of people don’t realize again that when food just sits in your mouth overnight.
In the morning, your breath will be far stronger than you could ever imagine and brush your tongue to bacteria accumulates in the back surface of your tongue and can also cause a strong odor.
Also be sure to drink a lot of water. When your mouth becomes more dry, you have less saliva we have less saliva food and bacteria tends to sit in your mouth for a much longer period of time. But also remember that there are other things beyond just being thirsty that can make your mouth dry. For example coffee alcohol smoking which is never a good idea and even some medications can cause dry mouth.
If you find that your breath is strong, no matter what you do if you find that you’re constantly having to you the mouthwash which really often times just camouflages bad odor you may have something else going on than poor hygiene. So in that instance it’s really important to see your dentist because other things that can’t be cured by just brushing flossing and washing what you eat might be going on.